Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Since Jan busted me out....

Well, my friend Jan pointed out on one of our community chat boards that I haven't updated this for a while, so here I am! :-)

I've been really sucky at keeping up with exercise, but I'm doing okay with the food. Obviously, based on my pound ticker, I'm not doing that great though. I was hoping that this blog would be motivation to keep up with everything, and it might be later on, but I need more to get me started.

So, my new goal - lose this 25 lbs so I can get my hair done! I'm desperate for a new haircut and highlights since it's been a few months, but I'm not going to even schedule it until I'm down 25 lbs. No calling a week ahead or dyeing my hair myself, I have to leave it be until I'm down 25 lbs.

Hopefuly it drops soon - my hair needs help! lol

Sunday, January 20, 2008

Trying to get back on track

The past couple of weeks, I've kind of "fallen off the wagon." I found out have poly-cystic ovarian syndrome (PCOS) which explains several things that have happened medically over the years, but also means Rett and I might have a hard time trying to concieve. Of course, the doctor says, losing weight is the best thing I can do at this point. That just made me sadder though, for some reason, as if my weight caused the whole problem to being with. I'm really trying to "start fresh" this week. I have Monday off for MLK day, so I'm going to make sure we have nothing but healthy foods in the house and I'm going to go for a nice long walk with the puppies :-)

If your interested, here's a site with some information on PCOS - http://www.4women.gov/faq/pcos.htm

Thursday, January 10, 2008


Apparently, I wasn't trying as hard as I thought I was this past week. I gained 5 lbs since last Friday. Smaller meals and more walking - here I come! lol

Wednesday, January 9, 2008


My facebook horoscope for today reads:

A project you've been putting off is calling your name. It won't actually be that bad once you get going...

I can't decide if it applies to weight loss or my incredibly messy house. I think I'll tell Rett it applies to the house, but work extra hard on watching what I eat today :-)

Monday, January 7, 2008

A new direction

Alright kids, I'm gonna do it. I'm gonna get skinny. Okay, maybe not skinny, but I have to get healthier than I am right now, and I plan on using this blog to help me do it. Both Rett and I want to lose weight and have struggled with it for years, me longer than him. But this is the year we really need to do it. I want to have babies more than you can imagine, but I can't do it at my current weight (keep reading) and Rett wants to try again for police academy, but gained weight after his car accident in May 2007.

So here we go - I'm announcing to the world something Rett didn't even know until our little competition a couple of weeks ago - my actual weight. Seriously people, you might want to sit down, it's a biggin. My weight today - 283 lbs!!!! I tried to warn you. Now that's out in the open, and I never want to be here again. I literally need to lose 1/2 of my current weight to get down to the high end of the recommended weight for my height. I don't plan on using anything but good ole diet and exercise - so here we go!!!!
Oh, and here's a picture so we'll be able to look back on in a few months and say "dammm she was big - look at her now" :-)

Thursday, January 3, 2008

Me = winner!

I completely whipped Rett's booty in our little pre-New Year's battle. I lost 11 lbs by 12/31/07! I was 1 lb over my target and 2 days early - woo hoo!!!

So now we have to see if Rett keeps up with his part of the deal, quitting all tobacco products. This'll be interesting..... lol