Monday, June 16, 2008

Evil pictures of the past....

have come back to haunt me and remind me that I used to be smaller and beautiful! In the process of cleaning up my grandpa's place, I found these 2 old senior pictures of me (taken 8 years ago) and could hardly believe how much I've changed. I'd love to be that size (12) again.....

Changing the tone

Since my diet is currently slacking, I'm going to change the tone of my blog to just about my life and stuff in general. I'm not sure posting only about weight loss is my thing, I always felt like I was letting myself down by having to post that I hadn't lost any weight. So onto The Life and Times of Stephanie W!

My parents are in the process of moving to a new condo so my grandpa can live with them and have a 1st floor bedroom. He's 91 and just had a pacemaker put in last week. All in all, he's doing really well. He's in a nursing home/ rehab facility until next week since he was having trouble walking after being in bed for 7 days, but he's doing a lot better. It's kind of stressful right now though, trying to move my grandpa's townhouse, my parent's 1600 sq ft condo and a storage unit into a new condo. I'm sure we'll get it done, but it feels like the never ending project.

Rett and I currently working 2 jobs each. We just needed the extra money with prices going up on everything and we had an old medical bill that we thought insurance covered, but didn't. It was only a $1,700 bill, so nothing big, LOL.

My birthday is this coming Sunday (June 22) and I'm really excited since one of my friend's shares the same birthday, so we're having a joint party :-) Should be a lot of fun, so I'm really looking forward to it!