Thursday, March 13, 2008

Speed bump

I haven't been doing so well over the past couple of weeks. I started eating bad at night and I kept telling myself - oh, it's okay I'll start again tomorrow. I've gained some weight back because of it, too. It was really hard since the beginning of the year has about 75% of the birthdays in our family, so that means lots of dinners out and cake :-(

I went ahead and got my hair cut last night, because it was making me really mad how long it was getting. I'm still getting used to it since it's really short, but I think I just have to figure out how to style it and I'll be okay. Here's a pic -

(i hated this pic so much that I totally removed it - new pic coming soon)

Anyway, Rett and I are taking his dad and step-mom out tonight for his dad's birthday and after that we don't have any birthday's or anything for a long time. Plus with the weather getting better, I'll be able to just take a nice walk after work. I've already lined up several friends to walk with me! :-)

Wednesday, March 5, 2008

New snack find

I'm always looking out for just regular snacks that aren't bad in points, since I'm a major coupon clipper and always scout out good deals. I was happy to find out that Goldfish crackers are only 3 points per serving, and the best part is that a serving is 60 crackers! Personally, when I'm at work I always feel like I want to be snacking or have something like gum in my mouth, so I'm excited that I can portion out 60 fishies and have a snack that lasts all morning!